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The Jonesing

As motorcyclists we’ve all been there; waiting for the riding “season” to get here. Doing the final tuneups, oil changes, new tires and brakes as warranted, finally getting around to adding those accessories and farkles that we bought back in October because this winter I swear I am going to spend some serious time in the shop tinkering. Not me. I’ve been fortunate/deliberate enough to live somewhere that riding season is conceivably all year-round. Between Florida & Texas, it is actually summertime heat that keeps me off of the bike(s) more than cold or rain. Even then, a little heat isn’t that big of a problem if I know the roads will be clear and I won’t be sitting still in traffic sweating my eyeballs out.

So it with great angst that I find myself, here in May, stuck on the sidelines unable to ride and really jonesing. Due to “complications” with transferring the title of my 390 Duke from Texas to Florida, my current tags are expired and my new ones are in limbo. Having failed to foresee this problem, I did not bother to get any other bikes in streetable condition, thus I am without a ride in beautiful weather. Every day which goes by is another one lost, hell yesterday we had a spate of gulf coast bred thunderstorms and I still would’ve taken the chance if only to be in the saddle. Sigh.


It’ll sort itself out eventually, the hangup being with the bank carrying the note on the Duke rather than any immovable bureaucratic DMV nonsense, so I have faith. Not to be smug, I have dealt with a lack of riding time before. In fact the last few years, just prior to purchasing the Duke last spring, were the years that represented the lowest street mileage of my riding life. Granted I had a couple of small bore dirtbikes and some local fire roads to putz around on, but berming in and out of dried up Houston bayous never really gave me the same verve as smoothly sailing through traffic or practicing cornering on my favorite sweeper or wide u-turn lane. Perhaps it is my fault in a way, I suppose I could have started the title transfer process sooner rather than procrastinating until my previous registration was about to end. Hell, I could’ve just been smart and renewed the old registration for another year before requesting the transfer just to be sure I could keep going, albeit on out of state tags. Or maybe I should have taken the time to get my old Yamaha Maxim ready for the road again. After all, I swore this winter to spend more time in the shop tinkering.

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